Visiomobilité IPS Group. Caméra de sécurité, caméra de surveillance


* The cameras that we put in place are ultra compact mini dome, very robust anti- vandal standards and waterproof camera IP66 standard. All cameras are equipped with a minimum of 700 lines SONY EFFIO TLV for optimal image sharpness comparable to the Full HD analog cameras , and from 3M pixels for IP cameras .

* Software made available to you, allow our system to be the most effective face theft, robberies and theft of identities ( cameras artificial intelligence, selection of areas at risk, reading license plates… ) .

* Motion detection, present in all our systems, allows you to be alerted in case of immediate danger by email or SMS (depending on the chosen option).

* All movies are stored on a secure digital server and for 1 month (duration legal maximum)

* But that ‘s not all ! You can view in real time, from anyplace, any contry, what’s happening in your stores, on your smartphone (iPhone , Blackberry , Android ) or PC 24 H/24 and 7/7 through our application to download ( for free ), but also perform reviewing your cameras from a far, Zoom , create areas of alerts …. and all this with the greatest simplicity through our intuitive video feature!