IPS Group offers the best solutions of security.

IPS Group makes a complete offer of security solutions to protect people and property against all kinds of risk such as intrusion, infraction,theft…Having his own design office containing technical engineering and information systems to ensure the success of your installations.

We provide wireless video-protection systems adaptables to all environnements.
Images and warning messages sent in real time on your mobile.

Biometrics is used to authenticate people by their physiological characteristics that can not be falsified, lost or stolen. Biometrics has become the most reliable access control in the world…

An alarm center with(remote monitoring) is an optimal protection against burglary.
Monitored sites are 4 times less robbed than non-monitored sites.

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Quality Charter

1. Presentation of IPS Group and its teams.
2. Understanding and analysis of your problems.
3. Resolving your problems.
4. Products and prices.
5. Technical visit.
6. Installation
7. A performed provision.
8. Respect for your environement and full confidentiality.
9. Monitoring the service delivery
10. Offering you our maintenance contract « SERENITY »

Why Choosing Us ?

The best video surveillance solutions

IPS Group interacts with customers of all sizes and in all sectors: industry, tertiary, hotel, trade, administrations, restoration, health.

Vacant Positions

Become a major playor in the marketing of intelligent security systems.
Work in a market where the demand is in constant development.
Receive a high added-value sector.
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